New Edradour?! I Love Edradour! 

The newest bottle from Scotland's wee tiniest distillery is due to hit the shelves next week.  Named after musician Dougie MacLean's Caledonia guitar, MacLean was visiting Edradour in the summer of 2009 to help select the first cask and take part in the bottling.  Remember that only 3 men work at the distillery and they are only able to produce about 12 casks a week, which is barely enough to satisfy any kind of commerical demand.  Their standard 10 year old bottling is one of the most unique whiskies in existence, and was a runaway hit at our last Scotch tasting in Redwood City.  I can't wait to taste this new expression of 12 year old and I'm guessing it's going to make the list at our next tasting coming up March 9th in Burlingame.

-David Driscoll



Word is that a new Ardbeg is hitting the world state on February 15th, one week from now.  The bottling is for committee members only, but we should be getting an allocation here, at least according to the people at Ardbeg (which is who I would want to hear it from).  The whisky will be called Rollercoaster and it will be bottled at 57.3%, composed of 10 different whiskies with the oldest being from 1997.  Some of it was casked in bourbon and some in sherry, so it will be interesting to see which flavor dominates.  As of right now we are not taking pre-orders, but more information will be made available as I get it.  I can't wait to try this!

-David Driscoll


I Get Interviewed For A Podcast

If you want to hear me talk about whisk(e)y for about 10 minutes or so, tune into SF Wine Chef's website and click on the podcast link.  You can also get it via iTunes.  I haven't heard it yet, but I lived it, so I'm pretty sure of what it sounds like.  -David Driscoll



Next K&L Whisky Tasting! March 9th 2010 - Burlingame. Be There!

I'm very sensitive to the price attached to some of the events that we do.  I know that $150 per person to attend a Burgundy or Bordeaux dinner, for me at least, is something that cannot be afforded more than once or twice a year - if ever.  They tend to be four course meals at high-end restaurants where everything is very organized and everyone is forced to dine together at a communal table.  They can be very fun, but I don't expect that everyone can attend each event.  I don't want that to be the case for our whisky tastings.  I want everyone to be able to afford to go every single time we have one and I want the whisky to be what people are paying for.  That's why I'm offering the second tasting of 2010 for the bargain price of $50 - and that includes food!  This won't be a full out dinner, but the snacks will be more substantial than the last tasting.  We will be tasting with the boys from both Signatory and Gordon & MacPhail, see the details below, click on the link, and sign up ASAP as we are currently only offering 35 seats.  Email me if you have any questions:

Single Malt Tasting w/ Signatory and Gordon & MacPhail, March 9th 6 PM - $50

Join us at La Boheme restaurant on Burlingame Ave. in downtown Burlingame on Tuesday March 9th 2010 at 6 PM with representatives from both Signatory and Gordon & MacPhail - two of the leading independent whisky bottlers and owners of both Edradour and Benromach distilleries. Eight whiskies are on the list for that evening (but there are usually one or two more) as well as delicious snacks and small plates that will be served throughout the evening. Already confirmed for the list are aged expressions of: Edradour, Benromach, Laphroaig, Linkwood, Bladnoch, Caol Ila in a port cask, and the Isle of Skye. This is a fantastic opportunity not only to taste rarely available malts, but also to meet and talk with the proprietors about whisky making as well as the business of cask purchasing. I can't wait to go and I can't wait to see you all there. - David Driscoll


Malt Advocate Award Time - "There are so many people to thank!"

If you haven't been following the whisk(e)y award season so far, starting in February the Malt Advocate begins to release their awards for a multitude of categories - doing one award each day on John Hansell's blog site (which you can link to here).  The first award given was for bargain whisky of the year and I am so excited that our little Highland Park 8 Year from Gordon & MacPhail took first prize.  I say "our" because we bought it out from the distributor to get exclusivity on it back in September and then took it to WhiskyFest SF and poured it to marvelous reviews.  The second award was for artisan whisky of the year and I was so happy to see that Stranahan's took the cake with their Colorado-based American bottle. They really make quality booze and I'm happy to support them.  Make sure you check the Malt Advocate every day this month to see who is winning next!

-David Driscoll