Oh, I Forgot...

Remember when we went to Kentucky a few weeks back? There's another distillery I didn't tell you about—one that will perhaps change the face of the micro-distillery department here at K&L this winter. I was so blown away by this operation that I just completely forgot to write about it (not really, I've been saving this in my back pocket even since we got back, waiting with anticipation for the mega-launch later this month).

We've been telling you about the new brandy revolution here at K&L for the past four years. We've been traveling back and forth to France since 2011, bringing great expressions of incredible Cognac and Armagnac along with us for our customers here in the states. Now it's almost time to introduce you to our newest American counterpart. These guys are located in Louisville, Kentucky, but they're not making Bourbon. They're making some of the most exciting new American spirits I've ever tasted.

Coming soon to K&L, exclusively in California. More later.

-David Driscoll


St. George/Frontier/Jaime/K&L Faultline Release Schedule

Love & Rockets comic pioneer Jaime Hernandez will be on hand in Hollywood this Thursday to sign bottles and records

This coming Thursday is the day!! It's the first four-way collaboration we've ever been a part of here at K&L: the St. George/Frontier Records/Jaime Hernandez/K&L Wine Merchants Faultline editions which will be released at 5 PM in all three of our stores! Rather than just a fourth batch of the beloved Faultline gin, we'll have two extra St. George editions (a bourbon and an absinthe) to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Lisa Fancher's iconic punk record label, as well as the fact that K&L, Jaime, and St. George have also spent 30+ years doing incredible things in California. It's going to be a celebration of California music, art, spirits, and creative retail. Here's what you need to know about this upcoming release:

The prices:

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Edition" Gin $39.99

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Edition" Bourbon $64.99

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Edition" Absinthe $59.99

And, yes, the first shoppers to get their bottles of Faultline this year will also get a special edition 45 vinyl with matching artwork from Jaime. The gin comes with a single from The Adolescents, the bourbon with a single from The Weirdos, and the absinthe with a single by Christian Death. These bottles will not be available online or over the phone.

The schedule:

We'll start at 5 PM in all stores. There will be limits on how many you can purchase. Jaime and Lisa will be on hand in the Hollywood store to sign bottles and say hello. St. George distiller Dave Smith will be at the San Francisco store to pour samples, as well as sign bottles. There will be no event in the Redwood City store, but both bottles and records will be available for those who come in.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that you will get a limited edition Frontier Record 45 vinyl with your purchase. They are limited to the quantities on hand in each location on Thursday the 5th.

The bottles are here and they look AMAZING. Just having them on your bar will make you very, very happy (let alone actually drinking them).

This far.....the coolest thing we've ever done as a company. I hope you'll make it down to be a part of the celebrations!

-David Driscoll


Whisky Season Begins

When I say "whisky season begins" it's not in reference to the fact that it's now getting darker earlier, or that the temperature outside is beginning to drop as we move into November (although those are also good reasons to drink whisky). No, here at K&L the term "whisky season" refers to the time of year when our direct import casks arrive; when the fruits of our labor are finally ripe enough for us all to enjoy. While in the past we've scattered our selections out over a period of weeks, or even months to help pace things, this year they're all coming in at once. It's just the way it worked out this time around, so we're all going to have to pace ourselves instead. Over the next few days get ready to get bashed over the head by a wave of awesome whisky expressions that will likely send you scrambling into a frenzy. It's going to be too much, too soon. It's going to be total whisky overload, so just keep that in mind as you see the emails come out and the blog posts posted. We've got a number of new Signatory casks to show you, a few new barrels from Wild Turkey, some super rare editions from Scotland that we've put together, and another smattering of Hepburn's Choice and Sovereign once that's all said and done.

And don't forget about the in-store Faultline events this coming Thursday! We've got some new Kentucky Bourbon to sell you there as well (but those bottles will likely sell out within the hour or so). But this is just the beginning. We should see new arrivals all the way into late November and December.

So remember to breath, do some stretching, and make sure you get enough sleep. Whisky season moves fast and furiously around here. Much more so than Vin Diesel.

-David Driscoll


Are You Ready San Francisco?

T-minus three hours to crunch time. Doors open at 10 AM. Who's gonna be the first one in at the K&L megastore to end all megastores? Don't worry about parking here. Tons of free parking in our huge lot. Don't worry about wine, booze, or beer—it's all here. Yes, you read correctly: no more of that silly beer ordinance to deal with like at the last store. We've got a huge cooler stocked from floor to ceiling and with different micro selections, and a number of shelves nearby to handle the overflow. The wine selection will make your knees buckle. Where do you even start? And the liquor.....oh sweet Jesus. By the time I'm done here (and I'm not even close yet) we've have more than 1,000 different bottles on the shelf. Bring your camera. 

We're ready for you.

-David Driscoll


Busting Ass

I wanna give a shout out to everyone working in the new SF store this week, busting serious ass to get this place open for the public this Friday. I worked a ten hour shift today, but I don't think I worked harder than anyone else there. The spirits section is coming along nicely. Another full day tomorrow should get it most of the way there. IT'S HUGE. You'll never need to shop anywhere else ever again.

-David Driscoll