Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey - 2nd Batch Hits Next Week


Dry Fly Distillery called me yesterday to thank me for carrying their now-famous gin and vodka, but also to give me my share of their latest whiskey allocation.  I've never tasted the whiskey, but I know that they have people lining up at their place in Spokane at 6 AM to get it (even now in the freezing cold winter!), where they pass out coffee and maple bars to the truly devoted.  It is the first whiskey made in Washington since prohibition and is genuinely unique in other ways as well.  It is comprised of 100% wheat distillate and aged two years in new American oak barrels that have been charred on the inside.  Because it isn't made of mostly corn and does not meet the three year age requirement, it cannot be called bourbon.  It can be called single malt whiskey however, so there you have it.  Dry Fly Washington 100% Wheat Single Malt Whiskey.  The only other domestic bottles that come close to being so rare and different are McCarthy's Oregon Malt (but he buys his barely from Scotland) and Anchor Steam's 100% rye single malts (but they cost an arm and a leg).  The Dry Fly will come in at a cool $52.99.  I'm only getting twelve so make sure you're prepared.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll