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So the last time a tequila vendor walked into my store and wanted to talk to me without an appointment, I ended up acquiescing and wound up with a new, locally-distributed tequila on my shelf.  Then the word got out and another vendor did the same thing, so I ended up with two new, locally-distributed tequilas on my shelf.  Those tequilas were so accessable and fun that they drew the attention of Costco who bought a gazillion bottles and beat our retail price by almost $12.  Well, I've got news for you Costco, you are not the low price leader anymore (even though their rule is they must be!).  I dropped the prices on Don Pilar and Mejor Blanco & Reposado to a ridiculous new low, so take advantage while you can if you need a gift for a tequila drinker.

So yesterday, a third tequila vendor walked into my store with the above bottles and wanted to taste. Given how my first two encounters with what I thought were small vendors ended up causing a price war with the country's largest wholesaler, I was a bit apprehensive, but I was taken by the absolutely beautiful bottles (which you can see above) and I had to taste what was inside.  "I'll just do the blanco.  Come on, we have to go fast because I'm super slammed right now," I said.  I ran to the tasting bar, poured a quick splash of clear tequila, and took a quick whiff.  Clean, crisp and floral, with pure agave aromas lingering with citrus and pepper.  "Oh jeez," I thought, "This is really good."  So I ended up trying all three and they are all very, very good.  What is this new tequila you ask?  Why are we the ONLY (sorry Costco) store that has it now?  Here is some info straight from the source:

Los Osuna 100% Blue Agave comes to you today from the same picturesque countryside as in 1876 and continues as a part of the long-established Osuna family heritage. Made with all natural blue agave through traditional processes, Los Osuna products exhibit the distinguished and characteristic flavors that have been imparted through generations of the Osuna family for over a century. 

 Only the finest agave plants are harvested and roasted using traditional underground ovens, where they are infused with the aromas of fruit, flowers, spices and earth.  Next, the agave juices are fermented with a special Osuna-family blend of ingredients unique to the environment; it is this proprietary mixture which shapes the unique flavor of Los Osuna Blue Agave.  After fermentation and distillation, the flavor is further refined as the product is aged in oak barrels, where it achieves the perfect balance of texture and body to yield an incomparably smooth finish. 

 Whether you prefer to sip a young Blanco with crisp flavors and notes of citrus, or you prefer the more complex and refined nature of a Reposado or Añejo, you’ll experience the aroma and distinctive smoothness only this authentic Sinaloan native can provide.

Seems like the normal info right?  However, there are two very important hints, however, as to why this is NOT your normal, everyday tequila.  Did you catch them? 

1) Do you see the word tequila in those paragraphs?

2) The very last sentence "this Sinaloan native" 

Sinaloa is not in Jalisco - therefore this is not legally tequila - a fact I didn't realize until after I bought it.

I don't care if it's true tequila or not, however, because I know that what I tasted was better than most stuff coming from the real source. As of now, we have Los Osuna Blanco on the shelf in Redwood City and I'm very excited to see how it does.  It's the only blanco I have ever tasted that gives Arette a run for its money.  We should be bringing in the other two soon, but it's the blanco that's going to wow you.

And they have no desire to ever be in a Costco store. 

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll