What's In David's Bar - 1/11/10

I have a ton of booze in my home liquor collection.  Too much, if that's a possible scenario.  I'm in the process of going through it to see how much I actually drink of any given bottle - to access whether I would buy them again whenever it is that I finally run out.  Tonight I'm starting with grappa.  The Marolo Moscato is my favorite grappa that we carry because it is the most flavorful, and, in my mind, very traditional.  The Muscat grape is more aromatic and floral than say nebbiolo or sangiovese - two other traditional Italian grapes that are often used for grappa making.  This pommace distillate is so clean and vibrant, and it doesn't have any of the burn or petrol that makes most people cringe when forced to sip this underappreciated elixer.  This is the perfect spirit to sip after a large meal because it aids digestion.  Seeing that my sweet fiancée brought me tacos de carnitas from Pancho Villa, the world's best taqueria, I am in desparate need of stomach space. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll