New Arrivals and Updates!

Here's a peak at some new arrivals and some bottles that we've had for a little while, but forgot to tell you about.

Tuthilltown Whiskies From New York - Some of these we've had in the LA store for a bit, but we're going to expand and offer the whole line up.  From a state that used to boast numerous distilleries before Prohibition, Tuthilltown is the first to operate since then!  They're making some crazy young whiskies that are use only local grains and are hand crafted to perfection.  They also use smaller barrels so the maturation rate is faster.

Tuthilltown Four Grain Bourbon 375ml $49.99 - The four grain bourbon from New York's Tuthilltown is the only whiskey currently being made with four different grains - primarily corn, but also rye, wheat, and malted barley.  It is aged less than a year in barrel before bottling and is full of herbal peppery notes and an intriguing intermingling of all four grain elements.

Tuthilltown Hudson Baby Bourbon 375ml $49.99 - Tuthilltown Spirits is located along New York Hudson's River and has the distinction of being the first New York distillery to (legally) make bourbon since Prohibition. The Hudson Baby Bourbon is a single-grain bourbon made entirely from New York corn, and it is aged in small American oak barrels that impart vanilla caramel notes and soften the spirit's edges. Mild, this is a great introduction to bourbon, but enjoyable for even the most discerning connoisseur.  It is the only 100% corn bourbon in production.

Tuthilltown Hudson Manhattan Rye 375ml $49.99 - It wouldn't really be fair to say that this Hudson River distillery is hopping on the current rye-loving band wagon  when, in actuality, the state of New York was well-known for its ryes before Prohibition. But, surprisingly, rye hasn't been made in the state (legally) since that time. Tuthilltown Spirit's Hudson Manhattan Rye revives the tradition with class. This small batch whiskey is made with whole grain rye and it has a lovely floral and fruit-filled nose and a smooth palate with the fantastic rye edge that makes this many bartenders' spirit of choice. The hand-filled bottles are sealed with wax and numbered.

 Tuthilltown New York Corn Whiskey 375ml $36.99 - Tuthilltown is currently the only American distiller making 100% corn whiskey and in no other spirit could it be more apparent.  This "white" whiskey can call itself whiskey because it spends a brief week in barrel before being bottled.  Made from a 400 year old heirloom variety of corn all locally grown near the distillery, the whiskey is deliciously smooth with a creamy palate of corn and subtle fruit.  It is completely clear and without color.  A very unique and interesting product that we are excited to be carrying.

 Tuthilltown Single Malt Whiskey 375ml $49.99 - Aged for one year in barrel from 100% malted barley, this New York whiskey sources its barley from Canada and makes one of the most compelling American spirits around - an American single malt.  The nose is a beautiful and fragrant aroma of baking spice and the palate shows more youthful spice and peppery notes.


 Tariquet Bas Armagnac Classique Armagnac 750ml $33.99 - This is our newest Armagnac and it's going to be our best deal on brandy of any kind.  It is simply outrageously smooth and supple, to the point that I can't imagine anyone truly not enjoying it.  The fruit is all handpicked and the Grassa family has been making it in a pot still since 1911.  It spends only three years in barrel, which seems impossible when you feel its velvet texture in your mouth.  The aromas are very delicate with dried apricots and caramel sifting gently in.  The palate is simply lush with rich barrel flavors of baking spice.  The finish has gobs of fruit, to the point that you'd think this is Cognac, not the normally spicy Armagnac.  Made of 60% Ugni Blanc and 40% Baco, I'm expecting this bottle to fly of the shelf once people taste it.  It's such a deal.

 Paul Giraud Cognac Napoleon 750ml $56.99 - The Paul Giraud cognacs are all about hands-on production.  The family has been working the same vines since 1650 and they specialize in authentic, rustic-styled brandies.  All of their fruit is from Grande Champagne amd their 35ha vineyard is in the heart of the appellation.  The Napoleon is a light golden color with absolutely gorgeous fruit on the aromatics.  The palate is full of spice and packs plenty of power for such an elegant flavor profile.  The barrel notes of vanilla really come in on the mid-palate and the spirit finishes with baking spices and a long rich caramel note.  This is exciting Cognac that we are happy to add to our shelves.

 Other Spirits

 Death's Door Spirits - Part of the sustainable food movement in Wisconsin, sourcing all the materials from a small network of local farmers, Death's Door is all about thinking locally.  Located on Washington Island, a small island to the north in the lakes, this distillery (converted from an old hotel) is not only about using sustainable and locally grown grains for making spirits, its about making delicious spirits as well.  I was very impressed with all three bottles.

 Death's Door Vodka 750ml $34.99 -This tastes as good as vodka can taste and is made with 60% winter wheat and 40% malted barley, so it's basically 40% unaged whiskey.  The subtle sweetness kicks in during the creamy mid-palate and the bottle is really cool.  As long as your spending $30+, you might as well get the locally grown, sustainably produced vodka that actually has quality ingredients!

 Death's Door White Whisky 750ml $38.99 - This little guy spends a whole 72 hours in barrel (in order to legally call it whisky) and was only bottled because a supplier offered to buy 50 cases if he would bottle it.  It is softer than one would expect and has some great subtle fruit flavors as well.  The barrels are made from Minnesota oak and the whisky is composed of 80% wheat and 20% barley.  It has become a sort of sensation in bars as mixologists are making "White Manhattans" and "White Sazeracs."  Very unique and definitely worth your time.

 Death's Door Gin 750ml $34.99 - Made from the same 60/40 wheat/barley blend as the vodka, and then infused with only three botanicals: whole fresh juniper berries (which actually grow on Washington Island where it is made), fennel, and corriander (harvested from south of Madison).  The fennel really comes through in the aromatics and the palate is soft with tender perfume notes.  It is a very easy going gin and would make a great addition to any martini lover's collection. 

 More stuff

 Ransom Old Tom Gin 750ml $36.99 - Ransom spirits is a one man, artisinal distillery, run by Tad Seestedt and located in Sheridan, Oregon.  The Old Tom gin is all done on an alembic pot still and it is an historically accurate replication of what people were drinking in the 1800's and during the golden age of American cocktails (Cocktail historian David Wondrich collaborated on the project).  It has just a touch of sweetness, a golden amber color, and is made from malted barley and corn.  Make the original Martinez cocktail with the original Old Tom Gin. 

 Averna Liquori Di Limoni di Sicilia $23.99 - Say hello to our new lemon superstar, but don't call it Limoncello.  Averna's Sicilian spirit is not simply Everclear with sugar and lemons added to it, they actually distill the base spirit after a long maceration with the actual lemons, to make sure that the lemon flavor is engrained in the character of the liqueur itself.  The palate is as pure fresh lemon as is possible and the palate reenforces it even more with just a kiss of sweetness and without any of the hot alcoholic notes that usually linger from using a high proof neutral grain spirit.  It will surely impress the heck out of you.


David Driscoll