Clear Creek Dinner @ Alembic in SF, November 16th

To help celebrate the launch of our new K&L exclusive McCarthy Single Barrel whiskey, Steve McCarthy himself will be flying down from Portland to join us for a private tasting of his finest products.  He'll be bringing his fruit liqueurs, his eau de vies (one of them distilled from pine trees!), and of course his whiskey.  Getting to go through the Clear Creek line up is fun enough, but it should be even more fun while eating a four-course, gourmet meal from Alembic's kitchen using the liqueurs and brandies as ingredients.  If you've ever been to Alembic, then you know it is one of the premier cocktail bars in the U.S., let alone the Bay Area, and you also know that it is tiny.  We will be taking over the whole place for an intimate evening with Mr. McCarthy and some delicious cuisine.  We don't do dinners like this often, and its even rarer that we get someone like Steve down here to do this.  I'm super-pumped about this event because it's not just whiskey, it's spirits in general and, believe me, there's a reason we carry just about every Clear Creek product on the shelf - they're really really good.  ONLY 20 SPOTS AVAILABLE.  See you there.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll