New Product Round Up!

Here is this week’s round up of new product all of which I am very excited about.  The first is from one of my favorite agricole rhum producers, the little Rhum JM on Martinique.  Produced exclusively from fresh cane juice grown right on the grounds of this incredibly picturesque estate, Rhum JM has operated continuously since 1845. Their exacting standards put them in the top tier of spirits producers worldwide.  The only distillery in Martinique to produce rhum exclusively from cane grown right at the domain also has a fresh spring right on the property, so everything but the barrels comes right from the estate.  Rhum JM is unique in that they char their barrels with oak chips and rhum before adding the fresh spirits for aging.  Aged rhum sits for a minimum of 10 years.  In those 10 years 50% of the liquid by volume and at least 10 degrees of alcohol evaporate due to the tropical climate. 

This bottle is the finest I've had from JM.  Ethereal and boisterous, the JM shows more depth than many cognac and/or whisky out there.  Stylistically it falls somewhere in between those two categories.  The fresh cane creates a much less sweet style than many rhum drinkers are used to.  Herbaceous, citrus, floral, but not overpowering, it is an exquisite experience.  Although it's expensive, 1994 JM easily beats many competitors at similar price range in all other categories.  If you're ever gonna jump on the Rhum wagon, this is a great place to start. 

Another exceptional product that we just received is Ransom Distillery's WhipperSnapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey 750ml ($35.99).  From the distillery that brought us the exquisite Ransom Old Tom Gin, this is another grand slam.  Ransom has brought two distinct styles of whiskey together in this wonderful little package.  Corn based white dog is blended with a barley spirit containing both malted and unmalted barley.  This is then aged in a variety of oak barrels including French oak ex pinot noir barrels, fresh American oak, used whiskey barrels.  This product is aged less than two years, but shows great depth.  The sweetness is very low.  Aromatically it reminds me of some of the double distilled Irish whiskies from the Cooley Distillery.  On the palate the corn base gives off a hint of bourboniness, but the finish is all herbal and mineral.  Truly a unique spirit, which I think will be most useful behind the bar, definitely one of the better young craft whiskey available today.

Finally, something I've been pining over for years.  Nouvelle Orleans Absinthe Supérieure 68 by Jade Liqueurs 750ml ($124.99) sets the new standard for the absinthe category in the US.  T.A. Breaux essentially created the modern absinthe category thanks to his exacting science and determination for historical accuracy.  In an effort to exploit this newly created market, Mr. Breaux brought the Lucid Absinthe to the American market, while keeping his higher quality stuff for the European market.  While I think the Lucid marketing was cringe worth at best, the actual juice was fine for the price.  Nouvelle Orleans is a departure on both counts.  Named in honor of America's absinthe epicentre, this is a perfectly designed product in everyway.  Nouvelle Orleans has been on its way literally since Lucid was released.  I can only speculate about why it was delayed for almost 3 years.  Anyway, it’s here.  It’s incredible.  It’s expensive.  Get some...

Rhum JM Vieux Agricole Martinique 750ml - $249.99

WhipperSnapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey 750ml - $35.99

Nouvelle Orleans Absinthe Supérieure 68 by Jade Liqueurs 750ml – $124.99

David Othenin-Girard