WhiskyFest Thoughts and Perspective

What a fantastic night that turned out to be!  We at K&L had a blast meandering through all the fantastic products being poured and talking to other interesting whiskey lovers in attendance.  There were so many tasty drams being poured - Charbay 27 year brandy, Glenfarclas 40 year, Glenrothes 1975, etc - however, I have to to say (and I know this is going to sound completely biased and subjective) that my favorite whiskey of the night was our own St. George Single Barrel!  Some people found it a bit too odd, and others weren't so sure it was quite for them, but the overwelming amount of people I talked to loved it.  There was a line at the St. George table all night long and people were adament about finding me in the crowd and asking me when it would be available.  David OG and I freaked out at seeing our names on the bottle as well, and we are quite humbled to be associated with such a great bottle.  Getting the tag team of the two Davids together proved to be quite a good time for us as well, as we finally got to spend some time tasting with each other and talking shop instead of using the K&L intercom system.  In the end, I think John, Joan, and Amy put together a flawless event that I was more than happy to partake in rather than work.  It was a great way to end a long and tiring week, even though I had to leave and watch the Giants lose afterward.  The bright spot was that on my way back down to the Caltrain station (my wife ended up not being able to pick me up!) I was walking by the K&L San Francisco store and our owner Todd Z was leaving the game and heading to his car in our parking lot.  Because he lives a few blocks from me, I was able to catch a ride with him and head home in comfort rather than packed like a sardine on a slow train full of sad Giants fans.  If you attended please post your favorite whiskies of the night in the comment field.  See you all next week.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll