Manditory Thanksgiving Post

Rather than be the 192nd blogger to write "What are you thankful for?" or "What are you drinking this Thursday?" and then wait for you to comment (as an obvious ploy to come up with something to post during a busy time), I've decided to make a list of what I am currently thankful for.  In all honesty, I don't really care what anyone is drinking Thursday unless they're going to invite me over :).  I do get a kick out of helping people pair their T-day dinner, so if you need some help come by the store.  While I do plan on having a glass of single malt after the meal, this holiday is all about wine for me.  Anyway, here are some things that have made me very happy as of late, and in true seasonal style, I am thankful:

- I am thankful that K&L is such a free and easy place to work, voice an opinion, and express your thoughts.  Last week couldn't have made that more apparent.  Truly thankful.

- I am thankful to work in an industry where close relationships with producers form into special projects of appreciation for one another.  That being said, thank you Steve McCarthy for making us an exclusive whiskey because I know you are getting called by other retailers who are annoyed you didn't do it for them (not that they ever even bothered asking you).  Thank you Lance Winter, Dave Smith, and everyone else at St. George for letting us have your 12 year single malt barrel.  Another whiskey that will likely piss off small retailers everywhere.  Thank you Davorin Kuchan for giving us every drop of Rusty Blade - no one knows how big this is going to be yet, so no one really cares.  Next year when you're in every trade magazine and blog because of this, they'll be furious!

- I am thankful for everyone out there who takes the time to care about what we do here.  It's easy to get excited about booze when everyone else gets excited with you!

- I am thankful that I have met over a hundred passionate whiskey people over the past year and that many of you take the time to share other aspects of your lives with me, and I with you.  It is truly a community in the spirits world and a friendly one for the most part. 

- I am thankful that many distilleries are lowering their prices to allow normal folk like myself to buy them during tough economic times.  Thank you Ardbeg, thank you Lahproaig, and maybe next year I can thank Diageo?

- I am thankful that we live and work in an area of the world that cares so very much about food and drink.  Thank you to all the people in the Bay Area who allow us to interact with your passion: Derek & Moira at Martin's West who have hosted many a whisky tasting, Jennifer at Slanted Door who has shared her cocktail mixing skills with us, Daniel at Alembic who has tailored drinks for our dinners, and every other bar/restaurant that helps keep people excited about this lifestyle.

I hope everyone has a fantastic meal this week.  David OG and I will likely be posting all this week, so this by no means signifies we're signing off for the holiday.  Just wanted to get into the spirit a bit.  Big news all week as our barrels come in.  St George should be here tomorrow!  Mannochmore 28 year on Wednesday!

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll