Dickens Faire Fun

Well my new camera didn't come in time for the Dickens Faire, so I had to bring along my 8MP Canon that takes terrible low lighting shots.  Of course, the entire fair was dim and warm, perfect for the atmosphere and terrible for my photos.  In any case, this should be the last time we see such grainy images, so bare with me.  Dressed up in our finest Victorian attire, my wife and I met up with Davorin Kuchan from Old World Spirits and had some drinks in old London town. 

We met up at the Bohemian lounge where Davorin's Blade gin and La Sorciere absinthe were on full display.  I had a Poe Cocktail (absinthe with Champagne) and Davorin ordered a Sazerac, but these were just precursors for Davorin's pocketed flasks - full with homemade Fishhouse Punch and his recently-finished brandy.  Davorin, myself, and our wives enjoyed the drinks while the bartenders came over to sample as well.  It isn't always the case that the customers pour their own drinks for the bartenders, but that's how it usually ends up when I roll out to a bar, and the same goes for Davorin (who is usually the one making my products!).

Of course the Prohibitionists were out in full swing, preaching the ills of alcohol consumption.  The costumes were very well done and my wife perhaps had one of the best, as people kept stopping to take pictures with her rather than the hired actors.  There were town drunks as well who had their own bottles full of booze and walked around looking for someone to buy them another.  We parked up next to one of these vagrants and bought some hot apple ciders which we then spiked with more of Davorin's brandy.  That zinfandel-based spirits mixes really well into just about anything.  I've never had such a tasty cider beverage!

The food and ale was fun as well.  We ate lunch before we arrived, but couldn't help and nibble on the more appropriate snacks like Yorkshire Pudding (fried doughy bread smothered in beef gravy) and roasted chestnuts.  The Dickens Faire is an extravagent event that is a blast for adults and I'm sure for kids as well, although some of the hysterical musical performances were full of sexual innuendo ("Everyone knows a miner has a long shaft and the butcher a giant sausage!" went one of the tunes).  It goes for the next few weekends at the Cow Palace and I would advise anyone who loves British themes and a Christmas Carol to take part.

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll