Balblair Coming In Soon - Tasty!

These are some of the best packaged bottles I've ever seen.  And the whisky ain't have bad either!  When the new vintage-dated Balblair stuff comes in next week, I expect them to be hot holiday items.  I don't normally carry large packaging on the shelf because it takes too much space, but these are just super cool and they will definitely turn some heads.  When someone asks me about the whisky, I will happily tell them about my tasting notes:

1997 Balblair Highland Single Malt Whisky $42.99 - Balblair has gone completely vintage distilled and the results could not be sweeter!  The new 1997 bottling is a heck of a deal - brimming with stone fruits on the nose, a medium bodied palate with beautiful richness, and a slightly vanilla finish.  What's not to like?  The packaging is also amazing, coming in a large square box with the Scottish landscape painted across it.  For less than $50, this is going to be one of our top picks while it lasts - and because it's a vintage malt, it is indeed limited.

1991 Balblair Highland Single Malt Whisky $105.99 - If you're a fan of the Glenrothes vintage dated malts, the new Balblair line-up of vintage whiskies is very much in the same style, although much more Highland than Speyside.  The 1991 is full of dried fruits, nougat, citrus, baking spice, with hint of pepper on the finish and compares nicely with the spectacular 85 Glenrothes.  While the 85 has the full-bodied Speyside richness, the 91 Balblair has more of that medium-bodied Highland oilyness that I find wonderful.  This whisky is also packaged in an amazing box with the Scottish landscape painted across it, making it a wonderful gift option as well.  This should be a big hit come the holidays.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll