K&L Best of 2010 Awards: Bourbon

So many good bourbons this year, yet David OG and I were able to come to a unanimous decision on this category.  There was the fabulous K&L Four Rose's Single Barrel.  Our great double-barreling of Stitzel-Weller 18 bottled by Jefferson's.  The always stellar Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and, of course, the fabulous Van Winkle line-up.  Even with all these heavy hitters, David and I were left speechless by the return of high-proof, wheated bourbon to Heaven Hill.  Tasting it with Parker Beam at Whiskeyfest was a real treat and getting to hear his take on it ("It's supposed to taste like bourbon.  If it doesn't then I try again.")  was refreshing.

David D and David OG unanimously pick: Parker's Heritage Collection 10 Year Wheated Bourbon Batch #1 - Big, spicy, cask strength power.  Not overly sweet or rich, everything is in perfect balance.  Buffalo Trace is facing stiff competition now for top of the wheated bourbon market.  Don't miss out on this one.  Batch #2 is already replacing Batch #1.  It might be just as good, but we haven't tasted it yet so we don't know. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll