K&L Best of 2010 Awards: Irish

This is a much smaller category so the choices are slimmer, but yet no less of an accomplishment!  Our irish whiskies of the year are:

David D picks: Slieve Foy 8 Year Old Irish Whiskey - This is such a fantastic whiskey and is definitely in my running for the best overall whiskey of the year.  Reasonably priced at the $40 mark, this is so much more than just light and easy.  Stone fruits, white wine aromas, malty richness, sweet grains, and long lasting finish.  Made and distilled by Cooley, this is just another notch in the belt of an already accomplished distillery.  A great recommendation as well for just about any one who likes brown booze.  I can't see how someone wouldn't like this, and I mean really like it.

David OG picks: Redbreast 15 Year Old Irish Whiskey - Redbreast 12 was already taking over the world when the 15 decided to show up and create a little friendly competition.  I've seen customers really struggle over which bottle to choose when faced with both options.  The 15 does up the anty with more richness, an extra dose of oil, and a fatter texture on the palate.  Once everyone realized the 15 was out there, the sales started coming in and now both expressions really move.  A fantastic credit to the ability of Irish agebility.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll