The Wonderful World of Bittermens - FINALLY Available!

Well the timing couldn't have been better for the highly-anticipated cocktail enhancers to hit the domestic market.  Angostura is going into full-blown crisis mode with a shortage of their market-dominating, top-selling bitter and an ETA of April before it gets back behind the bar and onto the shelf.  That leaves a gaping hole in the market and with cocktail afficionados scrambling to find a bottle of bitters in our stores, where ever will they turn?  Enter Bittermens!   Founded by former San Francisco dwellers Avery and Janet Glasser, these fantastic flavors have only been available before if you knew how to make your own homemade batch.  Can you imagine adding chocolate mole to your margarita or celery to your Bloody Mary?  Just a dash can really transform a great drink and when added to sparkling wine or soda water, you get a whole 'nother level of spice.  The first round should be in next week with VERY limited quantities before they re-up with another load in March.  The initial batch will offer Celery, Xocolatl Mole, Aromatic, Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon.  They will retail at $15.99 and I expect them to sell out in a flash.  I first read about these over a year ago and had contacted Germany's Bitter Truth in an attempt to get them shipped over from Europe.  All of the bitters are handmade made in small batches and are the definition of artisinal.  Can't wait!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll