Signatory/Gordon & MacPhail Whisky Dinner 3/9/10

Last night was another great K&L tasting.  All the usual local whisky fans were present and some enthusiastic newcomers as well.  I just sat back and let JVS run the show (they did an amazing job).  Chris did the speaking while Sam and Val poured the samples and attended to the guests.  The presentation was informative, interesting, and engaging.  Some of our customers who are just getting into single malts really appreciated the background on production, while the guys who know twice as much as I do were content to sit back and sip on the ungodly Laphroaig 19 Year Cask Strength.  The small food plates also looked very appetizing and they were designed to pair with each flight of whisky.  Overall everyone said they had a great time and that they would love to do this again.  I think that for $50, everyone was very impressed with the amount of whisky they tasted, the quality of the drams as well as the cuisine, and the service of the JVS guys.  Well done La Boheme, and well done Sam & Val. 

- David Driscoll

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David Driscoll