Back From New York - Ready To Work (drink)!

Lombardi's classic Margherita

I'm back from the honeymoon in NYC and, no, I did not go to the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, nor did I visit the Met.  When we go to New York it's for two reasons: eating and drinking.  I've done the touristy stuff in the past, so I leave with zero guilt about culturing myself while away from home.  Two things you have to do when you go to the East Coast are eat some serious Italian pie and order a real deli sandwich.  I think that Lombardi's pizza and Katz's Deli set the standard for Gotham and are completely unavailable in any edible form on the West Coast.  A funny aside - just before posting this I read this article in the NY Times about people who cannot eat without taking a photo of their food first.  I'm now trying to reassure myself that in spite of this post, I am not a obsessive-compulsive, self-indulgent food blogger who is waiting for some reader to comment, "Wow, that looks delicious!" or "Ooooh, I'm jealous."  This is my job, people!  This is work related, right?  In any case, I'm meeting with Bruichladdich this morning to taste all the new stuff so I'll post that later.  - David Driscoll

Katz's pastrami on rye with a knish and pickles

David Driscoll