Barrel Aged Peach Brandy - The Missing Prohibition Link

OK- Big news today!  Some of you are going to yawn at this, but some of you are going to be jumping up with excitement. 

1) About six months ago when Davorin Kuchan first brought us his eau de vie, absinthe and gin, I tasted his peach eau de vie with delight and said, "Have you ever thought about aging this?"  I told him that there was a giant void in the classic cocktail scene for all the recipes calling for peach and apricot brandy and that were he to make one, he would be a star very quickly - as long as it was good.  Well, Davorin went to work and now here we are some time later awaiting our first delivery of what should be the only real Peach Brandy to hit the U.S. market in a long long time.  I know that Davorin took a few samples around to the top SF bars and everyone he met grew a big smile when he presented this to them.  This is a pretty big deal for cocktail enthusiasts and historians.  I've already emailed the SF Chronicle, cocktail historian and author of Imbibe David Wondrich, as well as other key figures like my buddy Erik Ellestad, whose romp through the Savoy Cocktail Book got me started on this journey to begin with (check out his website for the best breakdown of cocktail recipes on the internet).  These guys are all stoked to get this and start tinkering with it in their drinks.  If you are interested in owning a small piece of what should be minor cocktail history, then email me please.  We are only getting 18 (375ml) half bottles in today, but it isn't inexpensive.  It is very difficult to make peach brandy and make it well, which is why no one is currently doing it.  In fact, it's a giant pain in the ass, according to Davorin.  I have tasted it however and it is remarkable.  The perfect combination of fresh peach and rich barrel oak aging.  I can't wait to see where this goes.  We are the only store who will have this for some time to come, so this is a big exclusive for us.  Davorin said that since we had him make it personally for us, we should get first dibs for awhile.  Remember only 18 available today, so first come first served.
Kuchan "K&L Exclusive" Barrel Aged Peach Brandy 375ml $42.99 - When I met Davorin Kuchan for the first time, I tasted his wonderful line of fruit eau de vie and I told him, "if you make a real peach brandy, not a peach flavored brandy, but an authentic barrel aged product, you're going to be a huge star in the cocktail world."  If you check through classic cocktail manuels like the Savoy or How To Mix Drinks, you'll find numerous recipes that call for apricot or peach whiskey, and they're not refering to the flavored liqueurs available these days.  Truth be told. there just wasn't anyone willing to make the stuff anymore - until now!  Along with a few select bars in San Francisco, we are the only place you can get this.  This is a brandy that sings of real stonefruit and marries beautifully with the oak barrel influence.  I'm delighted that it turned out as well as we had hoped.  If you want a small piece of history, this is a small renaissance in a half bottle.  For serious cocktail enthusiasts and the few who want to taste real peach whiskey, this is it.
2) K&L Party at Old World Spirits Distillery - Friday May 21st - Belmont - 6 - 9 PM
In celebration of our new peach brandy, we will be having an open house at Davorin's distillery in Belmont, where you will unfortunately not be able to try the peach brandy, but will be able to try everything else he makes.  Please join us at #3, #4 121 Industrial Way, Belmont, CA 94002 and email me if you have any questions.  I'm really excited for people to get to see how good Davorin is at his work and how fortunate we are to have him in our backyard. 


-David Driscoll 





David Driscoll