Community Effort! Everyone Pitches In

So I've been on a philosophical bender lately, really breaking down my ideas of careers, capitalism, and child rearing and cornering everyone I know to discuss these topics with me (my eccentric nature can come unleashed from time to time).  I've spared the blog however until now, but I'll make my additions to this medium short and sweet.  My time spent researching German literature in graduate school helped to shape what I thought was my job and duty upon joining K&L: learn everything about wine and spirits, and make that my #1 priority.  All my free time, all my reading, all my webpage bookmarks, specialize, find a niche and make myself an expert.  That's the PhD mindset, at least.  Lately, I've come to peace with my neurotic brain by changing my self-perception regarding this job, rather than changing the job itself.  Thanks to all the great relationships I have formed with many of you and the fantastic local businesses in the area, I see this position more as a community outreach where we all chip in and get what we want out of our situation.  Continuing on with that mindset, I'd like to thank Chris Matthews, who comes to the tastings and takes high quality shots to document the occasion.  If you need a professional to capture your next event, you may want to look him up.  Here's a link to his photos from our last Islay tasting at Martin's West.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll