Aperitif Profile #3: Gran Classico (Just Arrived!)

Before I begin with our third profile for the month of June, I would like to point out that a more extensive report of my first two profiles has now been written by the SF Chronicle.  The article is actually about the EXACT two products I have previously written about (coincidence?) - the Cocchi Americano and the Chinato of Moscato d' Asti.  You can read the article by clicking here - I'm so happy we're getting some support because people are missing out.  Anyway, onto the Gran Classico.

This bitter liqueur just got 5 Stars from Paul Pacult - Highest Recommendation! - and we just got it in fresh off the boat last Friday.  Gran Classico Bitter is based on the original Bitter of Turin recipe dating from the 1860’s. This classic aperitif is artisanal-made in a small Swiss distillery from an infusion of numerous herbs and roots including bitter orange peel, wormwood, gentian, rhubarb, and other aromatic plants. Gran Classico Bitter’s color is a natural result of the herbs and plants infused into pure grain spirit produced to the highest Swiss standards and is not artificially colored in any way.  It is amazingly complex and refreshingly bittersweet with a long and remarkable finish. Traditionally mixed into a tall glass of iced, sparkling water in the Italian style, or added to a fine ale, a la Française, or as an unforgettable ingredient in historic cocktails, such as the Negroni or Americano.  It has garnered a year-long waiting list that includes the best mixologists in the world.  I've had bartenders and mixologists everywhere emailing me about when we were expecting this.  It's in stock as of now.  You know me and my Campari loving ways, so I can't wait to get home and make a new Negroni variation. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll