Embajador Mezcal - The Best Deal We've Ever Offered For Quality

We've been trying to convince our whisky customers who love the smoky flavor of island malts to try some of our best mezcals for some time now.  While most coinoisseurs are used to paying $60 and up for their favorite single malts, asking the same price for a rather exotic and unknown adventure has made most people uneasy.  However, when we met Efrain Nolasco, an organic agave farmer and distiller from Oaxaca, we knew we had found the right person to bring mezcal to the masses.  His mezcals are the same spirits being bottled by other more expensive brands, only without the expensive price tag.  I also went out to three of the best bars in SF last Friday (Nopa, Smuggler's Cove, Comstock) and all three carry his Benezin mezcal - people who drink for a living seem to be in agreement that his products are quality.  If you've ever been curious to find out more about this smoky and intense export from Mexico, this is the time.  I just tasted these again last night and I was stil just as impressed as I was when I first tasted it.  This is a one time deal so when these are gone - that's it.  I can get a few more cases on top of what we have in stock, but not much more.  Try it and stock up if you like it.

 Embajador Blanco Mezcal de Oaxaca $19.99 -

Embajador Reposado Mezcal de Oaxaca $21.99 - This is perhaps the greatest deal I've seen since I took over as spirits buyer last August!  If you've ever been curious about high quality mezcal (not the guaranteed hangover with the worm in the bottle) but never wanted to pay $60+ just to experiment, we've just found an amazing, one time only deal.  For the past few years, Efrain Nolasco, born and raised in Oaxaca where mezcal is king, has been making organically-certified mezcal.  He works with a co-op for local farmers in the small town of San Juan del Rio where the best agave is harvested.  We carry two mezcals from him that are 100% organic and the cleanest, most pure mezcals I've yet tasted.  Because of our success with these two bottles, he recently reached out to us and told us he's been sitting on two other mezcals that he made before he was certified and that, since he wants to focus on being an organic producer, he's willing to cut us a deal.  The Embajador Blanco is made from organic agave but cannot label itself as such - hence the low price!  This is smoky, vibrant, tangy, spicy and clean mezcal that can hold its own any day of the week with the pricier Del Maguey bottlings.  For $19.99 it is the best price we have ever offered for a spirit of this quality.  The Embajador Reposado is made from organic agave but cannot label itself as such - hence the low price!  It has some barrel aging which smooths out the smoke and spice that penetrate the core.  A wonderful mezcal that sings of purity.  For $21.99 it is a complete no brainer. Mezcal is an underappreciated and overlooked product, but if we continue to get deals like this, it won't be long until the rest of the world starts paying more attention.  Now is the time to indulge your curiousity - these won't last long.

David Driscoll