Corsair 100% Rye - Coming This Fall (I can't wait)

I can't say that I've been impressed with everything Corsair has made - at least that I've tasted.  But when they make something well it ends up being very good.  Their gin, for example, which we carry right now, is very tasty and will catch on I believe very soon.  It's loaded with vibrant herbs and spices and comes off fresh and clean on the palate.  When you're located in Kentucky, however, it's whiskey that should be your bread and butter and not gin.  Yesterday I got a sneak peak of what to expect when Corsair releases their 1 year old 100% rye this Fall.  One word - amazing!  Let me expand a bit on what I mean by that. 

I've made no secret that I personally am not a fan of the Tuthilltown spirits, the New York producer of young Bourbon and rye whiskies in cute little 375ml bottles.  Not only are they too expensive, they're far too young.  All I ever taste when I sip them is alcohol and green grains mixed with pepper.  I understand that it's difficult to wait when you're trying to make money producing whiskey, but if it doesn't taste like good whiskey then the novelty is going to wear out quickly.  The only other 100% rye being produced right now is from Old Potrero here in San Francisco, and I will say I'm not a fan of their rye either - mostly for the same reasons: too sharp on the palate, too much peppery grain, not enough barrel. 

After that description I could understand if someone said, "Hey David, maybe you just don't like real rye!"  Oh, but I do!  I really do, and I really like this new Corsair, even though it is a meager year in age, because they somehow managed to get it fairly rich to balance out the spice.  I had to taste it about three times to make sure I wasn't missing something.  This has all the spice that you expect from rye, a suprisingly smooth entry, plenty of kick, and a long finish that doesn't spit grain alcohol back into your tonsils.  They're only sending one barrel to California and I have already offered to buy the entire thing.  We will make it a club selection if possible.  It tastes great as a sipper, but would work magic in a cocktail.  I think it should retail for around $60 putting it on par with Old Potrero. Stay tuned.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll