A "Smokin" Good Deal Coming Next Week - Stay Tuned

I may have just found the all time greatest deal in spirits since I have worked at this store.  As I was heading out the door yesterday I got stopped by one of my favorite vendors who wanted me to taste a couple of mezcals.  I went back into the store and obliged him and was very impressed with both the blanco and the reposado.  All organic farming from the the small village of San Juan del Rio where we also source a few other bottles on the shelf.  The price, however, was too low to be believed.  I thought he had to be joking.  "How much do you want?" he asked me and I froze.  How much is going to be enough and how much is too much?  Mezcal is the smallest section in our store and it is so underappreciated despite my attempts to push it and my own personal love of it (I probably drink it more than I do whiskey).  I think I'm going to go balls out and buy one hundred bottles of each and do a massive email about it to the big K&L list.  If you want to get into mezcal but don't want to pay Del Maguey prices, I understand and this is going to be your big chance.  I am going to get two bottles that I could sell for $50 and sell them for $20.  They are very very good and my co-workers were all in unanimous agreement.  Get ready.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll