Yet Another New Fantastic Gin...From The Shetlands!

Great bottle, great label, great reviews, great gin.  I'm not sure how much more gin we can sell, but who am I to decide when enough's enough? I'll leave that up to our cocktail-crazy customers, and in the mean time I'll keep supplying numbers and info.  I just got back from the distribution office down the street and got my first taste of the brand new Blackwood's Small Batch Gin $34.99.  Made on the Shetland Islands of the coast of Scotland, this vibrant and spicy gin is macerated in botanicals that are all indiginous to its home: elderflower, wild water mint, sea pink, juniper, meadow sweet, coriander, and violets.  It is also bottled at a whopping 95 proof so it is much more intense than your normal everyday gin.  The nose and palate are alive with pepper and juniper.  Gone are the citrus peel and lavender of the modern style, and in full effect is the kick.  This is a gin lover's gin for sure.  Double Gold Medal at the 2009 SF Spirits Festival.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll