Tasting the Last Drop!

Please join us at Martin's West in Redwood City a week from today on Tuesday September 7th for a very special event.  We will be tasting James Espey's Last Drop Whiskey, a 48 year old blend that defies what I thought was possible from whisky that old (see the post beneath this one about what exactly the Last Drop is).  Because we can only afford to purchase one bottle (they retail at $2000!) we will be limiting this to a strict 35 people only.  We will split the bottle evenly 35 ways and everyone can taste at their own speed.  The fee will be $50, which if you do the math is less than $2000 divided by 35, so you're getting a deal.  This is cheaper than if you were to buy the bottle yourself and split it with friends!  Please call Derek or Moira at Martin's West to reserve a spot - (650) 366-4366.  I know that we had 15 booked already as of 7 PM last night, so don't procrastinate!  See you there,

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll