K&L Whisk(e)y Club Goes To St. George

Dave Smith pours for the K&L club members

Today was the first expedition for our rather unknown K&L Whisk(e)y Club to an exclusive outside location, with both myself and K&L Redwood City Manager Alex Brisoux.  The best way to get along with your boss is to bribe him with free tastings at exclusive locations, so I think I won some brownie points today.  Along for the ride was whiskey afficionado-in-training Cedric Brisoux, who at a mere 18 months was really able to explore the space and appreciate the finer qualities of the distillery.

Our host for the afternoon was St. George distiller Dave Smith who was more than gracious in his pours and more than informative in his explanations.  He took us through the tasting bar, to the stills, to barrel alley for some barrel tasting, and back to the tasting bar for some sweet Firelit Coffee Liqueur before heading home. Rather than explain all the cool things we did, like learn about distillation, taste the new K&L exclusive apple brandy barrel-aged single malt, and taste some white dog bourbon mash to be used in future projects, I'm going to let the photos (taken by professional photographer D. Driscoll) speak for themselves.  The next Whisk(e)y Club field trip is in the works, but in order to know the time and location you have to be in the club!

D. Smith serving up some knowledge

Getting ready for barrel alley

Whiskey guru Anthony Rosario breaks down the barrels

D. Smith sucking the poison out

A. and C. Brisoux having their run of the place


David Driscoll