New Year's Resolutions

I've always been a big fan of New Year's Day more so than the Eve.  Last night I drank a bottle of Bruno Michel Rosé and fell asleep on the couch long before midnight.  As not one, but two people told me today: New Year's Eve is amateur hour.  The real drinkin' is done on a daily basis, not one special occasion.  However, being as prone to the Apollonian/Dionyisian extremes as I am, I enjoy the radical excess followed by the chance to come clean and completely bounce back to the healthy side of the spectrum.  It's probably like what Catholics experience with confession, but having no religious background I wouldn't know.  In any case I've vowed to make 2011 the year when I add more meaty filler to the "Spirits Journal."

One thing I'd like to add is more restaurant reviews for the Bay Area, so resolution #1 is to show pictures of delicious cusine like the Chicago style pizza I enjoyed yesterday from Paxti's pizza.  I read on SFGate that it had been voted better than East Bay legend Zachary's and SF mainstay Little Star, so having never ventured in I decided to hit up the Palo Alto locale.  It's really good.  I consider myself somewhat of an authority on Bay Area pizza, having taken the time to eat at just about every parlor, and Paxti's is up there for me.  Very good sauce and great beer on tap.  A real winner.

Books are another subject I'd like to tackle every now and then - food or booze related that is.  I read a good amount and there are some very useful resources out there for those of us who like to consume.  I think that Julia Roberts would have been much better in this version.  The backflap sounded amazing.

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll