Corsair Single Barrel Rye Is In!

I was really nervous with the arrival of this barrel.  First it was late, then the label was in question, and then all this bad-mouthing of young whiskies starts catching fire across the internet.  Plus, it had been five months since I had last tasted it.  I was expecting these bottles to show up next week, but I walked into the warehouse today and there they were.  157 bottles of K&L exclusive rye whiskey right there in front of me.  I immediately uncorked a bottle and ran to the tasting bar to make sure my reputation wasn't going to go down in flames.'s delicious.  For such a young whiskey, this is amazingly soft rye.  The rapid maturation that Corsair was able to accomplish is fantastic - soft vanilla, cherries, and a smoky finish, yet still the more austere textures of true rye.  The mouthfeel isn't creamy or sweetened like a bourbon would be, but this is so different that any other rye on the market.  In any case, you all will have to find out on your own.  We sold around twenty bottles today and there's a mass email coming soon, so it isn't going to last forever.  The Corsair K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Kentucky Rye is from a 100% rye mashbill and makes a fantastic new addition to our growing selection. I'm really confident that many of you are going to love it.  Although, I'm bracing myself for those of you who do not! :)

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll