Get Your Wallets Ready, It Keeps On Coming...

Just when you thought that you had bought everything you could afford, the distilleries keep the new releases coming.  If you thought my post a few days back called "The Death of Brand Loyalty" was just a random observation, then you would have been mistaken.  The brands are not stupid.  They know what's going on.  They know that people need constant input, constant stimulation, constant novelty!!  Glenmorangie knows that single malt fanatics are not going to buy the GlenMo Original over, and over, and over.  Hence, another new limited edition release (and, yes, it is VERY good).  Finealta, based off an old recipe for Glenmorangie made in 1903 and sold to the Savoy Hotel in London, is a lightly peated expression that sees Lumsden & Barrie bringing the smoke from Ardbeg over to the Highlands.  Don't expect a Lagavulin-style effect however, this whisky is very much Glenmorangie and the peat is only around 10-12 ppm.  There's plenty of fruit, it's round and elegant, and everything is balanced.  I can't wait to buy one for myself in a few weeks! 

Here's the best part: I sat down with Moira last night at Martin's West and we had a business talk.  I had a sweet little idea and she did nothing but smile and nod and say, "yes, let's do it."  Starting soon, every Tuesday at Martin's will be "Taste A New Whisky At Cost."  That means we divide the bottle up by the amount of pours and charge you exactly that price.  $2, $4, whatever, just not the $10+ you would pay for just about anything good.  I think the Finealta will be featured very soon, maybe the first one we do?  Can't wait to see you all there!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll