The Pheonix has landed...

So, as Driscoll pointed out in Whisk(e)y News 1.18.11, the much anticipated Glenfiddich Now Phoenix has just hit Hollywood.  This limited bottling is a little expensive, but it's sure to fly out of stock considering the limited availability, complete uniquesness and overall ultra hype.  While, I haven't had a chance to taste the I have been pining over the bottle all weekend and thought I'd share my obsession with you guys.


Clearly, the Snow Phoenix motif comes from more than just this whisky's rise from the ashes.  The religious symbolism is overwhelming, but no doubt intruiging.  Very excited to taste this unusual whisky!

Just to go over exactly what we're dealing with here, on January 7th a far flung part of Glenfiddich's warehouse collapse under the stress from one of Scotland's snowiest winters on record.  This part of the warehouse was exposed to the incredible cold of the Scottish winter nigh around -20 C.  Upon surveying the wreckage, the malt master realized the oppurtunity they had to flip this crisis on its head.  The whisky is NAS, but contains whisky from 13 to 30 years old.  We will taste this soon and let you all know if its awesome or overhyped.  Eitherway, if you are interested act quickly...

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Single Malt Whisky 750ml - $85.99

-David Girard


David Othenin-Girard