Diageo Dynamo #2

Back to my tasting notes on the Diageo Limited release bottles.  Today, Auchroisk 20 year, which has seen very limited bottlings as a DB, this being only the second in its 35 year history.  The first is of course the Singleton of Auchroisk, which was sold only in the UK.  We actually have reps out here claiming that the Singleton we get here (Singleton of Glendullan) is actually from Auchroisk, but my knowledgable tasting partners from LAWS squashed that theory pretty quickly (Glendullan is of course its own distillery and therefore would be illegal to put its name on something that isn't actually from that site).  Anyway back to the whisky:

Auchroisk, being somewhat of an enigma, had me on the edge of my seat.  This bottling is aged in a mixture of American and European oak.  The nose was exceptionally rich and buttery at full strength, if a touched closed down.  Aeration helps.  Hints of tropical fruit, toffee, nutty rich flavors of sherry poke through the veggie oil and butter.  A touch of water adds to the fresh fruit character.  On the palate, it's weighty but not the the point of being sticky.  Sweet sherry, baked fruit, ripe apple,  and vibrant woodiness.  Anymore than a drop of water is too much for this stuff even at a hefty 58.1%.  The age has rendered it exceptionally delicate and its body crumbles with the addition of any more than the most minute drop of water. Definitely one of the top malts of the night, although a touch idiosyncratic as there was some descent within the group.  All in all a really interesting bottle. 

Auchroisk 20 Year Old 2010 Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky 750ml - $179.99

-David Girard

David Othenin-Girard