The Tasting Bar Is Open

As of today liquor retailers all over California can begin applying for a new license that allows them to conduct small tastings of booze in the store.  While this is a welcome reprieve from a zero tolerance party, the law is still very strict and unique in the fact that it requires retailers to work with either a producer or a vendor in order to conduct a tasting.  I'm excited nonetheless because we applied for our license today and hope to be granted permission to begin our events by the end of the month.  Here is what the law stipulates:

- We can hold no more than one tasting per day (shouldn't be a problem)

- We can pour no more than three spirits at any single tasting

- The pours can be no larger than 1/4 oz.

- The tasting must be free to the public

- The producer or vendor must conduct the tasting

Believe me, we are going to be following the law to the strictest accordance.  While I am looking forward to seeing all of you in the store, please understand that we will NOT be pouring refills or winking at you before filling your glass with a 3 oz. pour.  It would be terrible to lose our license so soon after getting it, and believe me, the ABC will be out in force looking for violations.  So, we look forward to having you come by and sample some booze with us in the near future.  I already have vendors lining up, so we should be able to do at least one tasting a week.  I'm thinking Wednesday or Thursday nights for the Redwood City store from 5 - 6:30 PM.  Free whiskey is a great way to start off 2011, don't you think?

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll