Germain Robin's Fluid Dynamics

Man, are these little bottles going to be huge!  Germain Robin has done something very, very smart.  They've crafted four signature cocktails using their brandies and their Low Gap white whiskey, barrel aged some of them, and bottled them in 200ml, ready-to-go, squat bottles.  The labels are fantastic and the booze is even better.  The Brandy Manhattan is made with their Craft Method brandy and Vya sweet vermouth, then barrel aged.  The St. Nick uses the Craft Method with Clear Creek's Cranberry Liqueur!  My personal favorite, the Saratoga, is the Brandy Manhattan recipe, but with Low Gap white whiskey added. Who knew?!  It's splendidly delicious.  They didn't have the 1850 with them which uses Sazerac in the mix, but I'm sure it's tasty as well.  They didn't make too many of these, so I don't expect them to last until the Holidays, but for $19.99 they're going to fly.  People who don't normally even drink booze are going to be curious because of the cute bottle and the idea.  You can get about 2-3 cocktails out of each, so when you figure $10 a drink is the norm at your average bar these days, it's completely within reason.

Also on hand were releases #3 and #4 in their Mezcalero series, which if you didn't know, is the most exciting series in all of booze, in my personal opinion.  I absolutely treasure the #2 release and it looks like I'll be adding these others to my collection as well.  The #3 San Andres Huayapam Agave is smoky, tangy, bursting with citrus, and ultra clean on the finish.  The #4 San Juan del Rio Agave Sierra Negra is a pale gold color (despite no barrel aging) likely due to the concentration of "something," for lack of a better word, in the wild agave it was distilled from.  It is super tangy and far more fruity than the #3, with less tart citrus and more of an earthy character.  Both are amazing and both are distilled from different varieties of agave than the previous releases.  Their goal is to bring something new to the table with every batch and I appreciate that.  Both were distilled by different producers in Oaxaca and then bottled especially for Germain Robin with a retail price of $89.99.

These are not in stock at the moment, but should be in early next week! 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll