Especially For Us

Getting my hands on this whisky again was like reuniting with an old friend.  If I had to use a wine comparison, I would say that where something like Aberlour A'bunadh is a California Cabernet, our Glendronach cask is a fine Bordeaux.  The big, obvious sweetness of a California cabernet is what sucks people in right away, but the depth, complexity, and uniqueness of flavor leads people eventually to Bordeaux.  The sherry influence in the Glendronach is the earthier, more savory type with a resin-like component intermixing with the dried fruits.  Adding various amounts of water changes it completely.  You could drink it five different times, five different ways and always discover something new.

Our Springbank Bourbon cask is fantastic.  Unfortunately, 90% of it sold out pre-arrival so there are only about 15 bottles left.  The Springbank Madeira is exactly what I knew it would be: a gateway bottle for the uninitiated.  As much as I try and turn customers on to the Springbank 10, many think that I'm trying to undersell them with a $55 dollar bottle.  "Isn't there something a bit better?"  I could upsell to the 15 year, but that's not really Springbank to me.  There's too much sherry, which takes away from the inherent viscosity of the spirit itself.  The Madeira cask adds a few years to the age statement without bringing too much sweetness.  It's perfect for Christmas gifts this year when customers need a recommendation.

And they've got our name on them.  So just in case that gift recipient wants another...

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll