Tasting Schedule for the Month

It's not easy to get these things organized, but I've made some progress for the next month.  Here's what we'll be pouring in-store, free of charge for all of you wonderful customers.

November 15th

Redwood City will host a very special Tuesday night tasting with Sonja Kassebaum from Chicago's North Shore Distillery!

November 16th

San Francisco will feature the wonderful Alameda bunch from St. George Distillery pouring the new Breaking & Entering Bourbon amongst other things.

Redwood City will showcase the new barrel-aged Fluid Dynamics cocktails from Germain-Robin.

November 23rd

No tastings due to fierce holiday store traffic.  ArteNOM and Springbank will be rescheduled.

November 30th

San Francisco will have Amy Schwartz pouring the Burns Stewart Single Malts - Bunnahabhain, Tobermorey, and more!

Redwood City will feature St. George Distillery finally making it down to pour the new Bourbon.

December 7th

San Francisco will host local heroes Anchor Distilling featuring the gins and hopefully the rye!

Redwood City will feature the heavy-hitting, cask-strength Willett Bourbons.

All tastings start at 5 PM and go until 6:30.  Line ups are subject to last minute change if complications do occur. 

See you all there!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll