K&L Spirits Podcast #20 - Ed Hamilton's Ministry of Rum

I've been wanting to do this podcast for some time, but Ed Hamilton is a tough man to track down.  As an author, an importer, and a general world expert about rum, Ed is always on the run.  Whether it's to the Caribbean to visit a distillery, or to the Bay Area for an entertaining seminar, Ed's services are always in demand thanks to the success over his wonderfully informative website - the Ministry of Rum.  I was fortunate enough to spend an hour on the phone with him this morning and tape that conversation for what I think will be one of our best episodes ever. 

This podcast episode can be downloaded here or by visiting our page on Apple iTunes.  Previous episodes can be downloaded in the archive, located on the right hand margin of this page.  You can also listen via the embedded Flash player above.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll