New Product Round-Up

I've been loving the developments over the past week on the blog.  Driscoll has been really delving deep into some real existential issues about how and why we do what we do.  Of course, our great motivator is the love we have for the products we sell and with that in mind I'd like to introduce a whole onslaught of new and future products.  Some we will be stocking, others will be available special order, but all are worthy of a mention here.  First, from the inventive and intrepid Tempus Fugit Spirits a new line of incredible liqueurs that will definitely be as talked about as the last ones.  Known for their Absinthe, Tempus Fugit has made waves over last year releasing the exceptional (albeit controversial) Gran Classico and the lovely Tempus Fugit Liqueur de Violette.  Production for these new products is not in full swing yet, but I was so excited I just couldn't wait to share.

This is the fabulous Kina l'Avion d'Or.  Watch out Lillet and Cocchi Americano, this is a traditional Kina Aperitif recipe coming from a hundred year old recipe from a distillery in Switzerland.  Richer than expected, it doesn't have the light heartedness of the Americano, but it certainly makes up for it in term of depth.  This label is not approved yet, but hopefully something like it will be.  The nose is deeply perfumed and wild!  The palate has the perfect interplay between bitter and sweet.  This is sure to be a classic.

Here is another stunner from Tempus Fugit.  One problem we've had in mixology is the lack of proper Creme de Menthe.  Our prayers are answered by this fabulous offering.  Even the great liqueur producers from France cannot match this stuff.  Incredibly fleshy and fresh, the flavor is strong Spearmint rather than the typical pepperminty thing we're used to.  Should change the way most people feel about The Stinger.

Few things have bothered me more than the Creme de Cacao I've tasted in the past.  This is a whole new world.  The stuff is SOOO rich.  Basically the texture of maple syrup.  The nose is pure cacao beans and vanilla.  More complexity than any chocolate flavored liqueur I've ever tasted, they've managed to capture the true depth of the Cacao bean in a way that is both satisfyingly familiar and totally unprecedented.  Think of mixing these two with some cream for the best Grasshopper that anybody has had in a hundred years.

The history of Fernet is a controversial one.  Fernet Branca is unquestionably the King of Amaro, but its history is one that's shrouded in secrecy.  The official line is that it's creator Bernardino Branca, initially created the recipe with the help of a "Doctor Fernet" to lay credence to his claims that the drink had medicinal purposes.  Future generations of Fernet-Branca marketing departments have spent a lot of energy dismissing this story as fiction, claiming instead that no other person besides Bernardino was responsible for the recipe.  According to the records of the small Matter distillery they purchased this original Fernet recipe from a widow of Luigi Branca in the 1930s for an astounding sum of money.  Supposedly, this original recipe came from Friar Angelico and was bequithed to the widow Branca after Luigi's death.  The image and name Angelico Fernet appears on the original documents from the sale of the recipe.  While Fernet-Branca claims to have not changed their recipe since its release in 1845, this alternate history seems to contradict those claims.  I'm certainly not in a place to tell you who's history is the truth, but I will tell you that this stuff is delicious!  Totally different from what you'd expect.  Less bitter, less menthol, more herbal and much more Saffron.  Absolutely delicious.  Cremes should be here by the end of November, expect the fabulous swiss spirits early next year.  Another new product round up coming at the end of this week. 

David Othenin-Girard