2011 K&L Awards - Best Brandy of the Year

David Othenin-Girard picks: Paul Marie & Fils Faultline Single Barrel Cask Strength Cognac - Sure this is the easy, obvious choice because it's our exclusive product, but what do you want me to do - lie?  This is absolutely the best brandy I tasted all year long - tons of concentrated fruit with more complexity and beauty than any other Cognac in the store.  A no brainer.

David Driscoll picks: Guillon Painturaud VSOP Grand Champagne Cognac - For $60 there's never been a better spirit available at K&L.  The GP VSOP is textural, complex, and layered in a way that no other Cognac, or brandy for that matter, could ever be under $100.  Dried apricots, a thick and chewy mouthfeel, and sweet honey round out the palate.  It's so much better than our other brandy options that it's not even a real competition.  Absolutely the best brandy of the year because it drinks like a $150 bottle of XO for less than half the price.  How often can you find that?

-David Driscoll & David Othenin-Girard

David Driscoll