2011 K&L Awards - Producer/Distillery of the Year

David Driscoll picks: Berry Bros & Rudd - Really the model of what I want K&L to be for the U.S., BBR took their operation to a whole new level this year with hand-selected spirits.  They had the Nolet family distill them some gin and called it No. 3 (after the address of their London shop).  Too bad the Nolets didn't keep some for themselves, or at least make a Ketel One Gin, because it's simply the best gin around right now.  BBR also bought some extra Glenrothes to make the fantastic King's Ginger, as well as bottled six amazing rums by geographical region.  A big success in the boutique spirits world this year.

David Othenin-Girard picks: Springbank Distillery - The Springbank 10 tasted better than ever this year.  The single casks we purchased at the distillery are two of my favorite whiskies we've ever carried.  The 12 year cask strength and the three 14 year sherry casks released on a smaller scale were also fantastic.  Bottomline is this - Springbank consistantly pumps out fantastic single malts.  2011 was just another example of them doing what they do best, and doing it better than anyone else.

-David Driscoll & David Othenin-Girard

David Driscoll