Bruichladdich K&L Cask Update

In case some of you have super-powerful spam filters which can block out my personal K&L notices, we had to put a halt on sales for our exclusive Bruichladdich Chenin Blanc cask.  This whisky has changed inside the bottle into a malt that no longer resembles anything close to what we originally tasted.  We're not sure what has happened, but we're pooling all of our resources together to find out.  The originally sweet and supple Chenin Blanc influence has now become a tart, bitter, and astringent handicap, turning a malt that was once interesting and complex into an undrinkable throwaway.  Needless to say, we don't want anyone associating that flavor with us, K&L, or Bruichladdich. 

We're all on board to fix the situation.  Any of you who bought one of these are welcome to return it or call us up to receive a credit.  The problem seems to have turned on in November and really began to affect the malt around the beginning of December.  It is entirely possible that you've opened and finished the bottle before the deterioration began.  I've never seen a whisky fall apart like this in my life, and Jim McEwan is more than curious to figure out what went wrong.  Was it the wine?  The cask?  Some form of oxidation?  Bacteriological?  We're not sure.  All we know is that the bottle tastes terrible now and it didn't before.  There are a number of problems that can cause a wine to spoil, but many believe the higher percentage of alcohol in a spirit protects it from these issues.  I'm beginning to wonder if that's really true.

Make sure you reach out to us and our customer service department if you've been affected by this issue.  We appreciate everyone's understanding and support.  You all know there's no way we would buy a whisky that tasted this terrible.  I'm hoping to turn this around very quickly however and make some sort of "Snow Phoenix" out of this.  McEwan said he had the exact same idea.  Maybe this will all turn out for the best down the road. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll