New Kuchan Brandy Arrives!

No hating on Davorin's label this time because I helped him design it (therefore you'll be crushing my graphic artist dreams with your criticism!).  I'm so excited that we can finally offer the Kuchan Alambic Brandy because it fills another cocktail mixing gap - the brandy with a kick that can cut through the sweetness of a liqueur or the tartness of citrus.  While this 6 year old batch can definitely be sipped, it isn't for Cognac or Armagnac lovers.  This is not wood-sweetened juice.  It's not supple, vanilla-rich syrup.  This is wine barrel aged spirit that makes the best punchbowl you've ever tasted.  It makes a Sidecar taste brighter and more expressive.  It makes hot cider taste like a hot toddy.  It basically makes every recipe that calls for brandy just a bit better.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll