Podcast #12 - Bruichladdich's Jim McEwan

If the idea of a whisk(e)y related podcast sounds boring to you, I couldn't blame you one bit.  Two guys sitting down and talking about malts the whole time?  Really, people want to hear that?  I don't know how interesting most of them really are to people outside the industry, but if you had to sit down and listen to one person talk about booze, just one guy who really knew how to entertain people and engage them, then that person is Jim McEwan.  Bruichladdich's master distiller and figurehead is as charasmatic a speaker as he is a talented whisky maker.  Listen to Jim compare cask enhancement to art restoration, lay out the perfect scenario for enjoying a glass of Black Art, and breakdown the burdens of being an independent in a world full of corporate giants.  I spent most of the time laughing.  Hopefully you will as well.

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David Driscoll