Heathrow Duty Free Report

Well, I'm here killing time waiting for David OG to land so we can meet up and catch our flight to Edinburgh.  I was in the duty free shop and I ran into a K&L customer who actually uses me for the personal sommelier program with wine.  Small world!  In any case, I figured I'd scope out the special selection of whiskies that are unavailable in the U.S.  World of Whiskies has a pretty nice selection of interesting malts at very reasonable prices.  I met one of the gentlemen working there and we exchanged cards and information.  They seem to know their stuff and I noticed a set of opened bottles so I'm guessing they do tastings for interested parties.

We're doing a tasting with Chieftain's later this afternoon followed by dinner.  I'll try and post again later if we have internet access at the hotel.

In the meantime, here some photos of unique duty free malts to enjoy!

- David Driscoll

David Driscoll