A Few Things About Islay

1) The way to Islay at sunset is magical

2) Bowmore is awesome.  Especially at 2 AM in the fog after two bottles of wine and a few drams.

3) Do not expect to find breakfast in Port Ellen.  Instead, go back to Bowmore because no one in Port Ellen has heard of breakfast.

4) Eat all of your meals in Bowmore at the Harbour Inn just next to the distillery.  The food is amazing, the staff goes out of its way to accommodate you, and the hospitality is so nice you almost feel guilty. 

5) At Lagavulin, a business appointment will get you a public tour of the distillery.  That's nice.

We're on our way to Bruichladdich later today.  Bowmore report to follow as well.

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll