Last Day - Edradour/Signatory

I have plenty of beautiful pictures to show you, but they'll have to wait because the wifi at the Hilton by the airport is super slow.  It's taking ten minutes to get one picture online and I'm not patient enough to wait.  Big tasting today at Edradour with Signatory.  I'll say this for now and then post the rest later:

- Since I know for a fact other retailers have infiltrated my customer email list and are using my notices as a tool to jump the gun and undercut our pricing before we get it established, I'm assuming you're doing the same with the blog.  If you sneaky folks are reading this, let me just tell you that you're really missing out by not getting over to Scotland. Some of the people we've visited have never met with ANY American retailer and are happy to sell us wonderful casks. We're about to blow the single malt roof off of 2011, so I hope you can keep getting by working low margins and taking what your distributor can get for you.

- We just tasted insane casks and if the pricing works out, we'll be bringing in insane whiskies.  Insane whiskies.  INSANE WHISKIES.

More later...

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll