Yelp Help

Every now and then I like to check in on Yelp to see what our customers think about our service. I am very sensitive to this kind of thing, so I probably shouldn't look too often.  However, if some of our employees are not doing their job in the eyes of the customer, I definitely want to know about it.  We're not perfect over at K&L so it's always nice to know where we can improve.  We generally have a great five star average, but now and again we mess up and that person lets us know it.  That's the nice part about Yelp - it gives the consumer some power to fight back against crappy service.

The bad part about Yelp is when people get frustrated about something that isn't our fault and then blatantly lie about what happened.  I was perusing our recent reviews and read the report of a customer experience that is just 100% false.  I usually give reviewers the benefit of the doubt, but I happened to remember exactly the incident the person is describing and it couldn't be further from the truth.  The bad part about giving everyone a voice on the internet is that many people choose not to use that voice responsibly.  Some readers take Yelp very seriously, so it pains me to know that some customers will read this review and believe it to be true. 

I ask that those of you who use consumer sites like Yelp to please keep the basic tenants of human nature into account.  I used to rely on these testimonials for restaurants and hotels, but having been on the other side, it's obvious that some people are using reviews on Yelp as a punching bag for their own inner anger. 

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll