SF Tastings Imminent

For those of you who have been bummed out about our lack of SF tastings, I think we might be right on the verge of a winner.  I have to check out the spot next week, but I like what I've heard so far and the days are going to be just right.  These guys are interested in doing some seminars and serious tastings, so it could be quite the relationship.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  The location is downtown/North Beach so it should be a hotspot for drinkin'!

As a reminder, anyone interested in joining our secret K&L Whisk(e)y Club should email me and have me add your email address to the list.  We generally don't talk too much about it (first rule of whisk(e)y club is you don't talk about whisk(e)y club), but I thought I'd offer a few open spots.  There are some nice perks. 

Let me know-

-David Driscoll ([email protected])

David Driscoll