E.H. Taylor Night

Tuesday night we opened a bottle of the ultra-rare E.H. Taylor bourbon from Buffalo Trace to see what everyone thought.  It being my first sampling of this whiskey as well, I was excited to get in on the action.  The consensus from our group seems to match the reviews I've been reading on the internet, namely that it's very good, but not life changing.  We all would happily drink the E.H. Taylor were it available, but we might not go out of our way (say paying $150 on EBay) to secure one.  K&L customer Gary Goldstein was there drinking with us and he nailed the best tasting note of the night, which was that the bourbon draws its sweetness from the fruit, rather than from the wood.  That's an interesting truth because most bourbons taste like sweet vanilla due to the new charred oak barrels they're aged in.  The Taylor however has more of a fruitcake flavor going on finishing with cinnamon spices and cloves.  Buffalo Trace has created another fantastic bourbon that goes well with their already extensive line up, however, they've already set the bar so high it's difficult to live up to the expectations.  Bring on the so-called "perfect bourbon" we've been hearing about.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll