New Buffalo Trace Barrel In Stock

Here's a secret photo that someone with an iPhone smuggled out of our tasting bar earlier today.  We can't confirm reports just yet, but word is that the bourbon is delicious.  Here's what we know:

Buffalo Trace K&L Exclusive Single Cask #171 Lot 2089 Kentucky Straight Bourbon $24.99 - When given the opportunity to continuously buy casks directly from one of the best distilleries in the country, it makes sense to take advantage of it as frequently as possible.  Every time Buffalo Trace has provided us with single barrel samples, we've no problem selecting a winner.  These guys only make outstanding bourbon and the quality is apparent in both their normal distillery bottling and once again in our exclusive K&L single cask.  This is supple, rich, and robust whiskey - going down soft and easy while exhibiting warm baking spices with vanilla and oak.  It's difficult to imagine any bourbon fan not enjoying this immensely - especially for the price.  American distilleries offer tremendous value for the money and no whiskey could display this phenomenon better than this one.  180 bottles available.

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll