Morality Issues With Booze

As I move into my weekend, my head is once again spinning as I take some time to contemplate the issues of the week.  So many different encounters, so many interesting conversations, so many questions I have for myself and for others.  Rather than toss and turn in bed while I try and push them out of my brain, I'm going to release a little of it here:

-If you love a company's whisk(e)y, but loathe the company that makes it, should you continue to drink it?  Can you separate a company's actions, policies, business model, or politics from their product?  This is a morality question that extends far beyond booze, but it doesn't really come up with liquor because the inner workings of the business tend to stay hidden.  I'm not here to expose them or judge them either, but it wears on me sometimes.

-What are the issues that would cause you to stop drinking a certain whisk(e)y? Besides price. Everyone can get priced out eventually, so that doesn't count.

-How many people actually care about the politics of booze as long as the booze keeps flowing and it keeps tasting good?

-Are hard-to-find, special releases exciting or just frustrating?

-Besides flavor, what are other factors that go into the enticement of a bottle? Does a company's image effect sales or are they irrelevant? (We're not talking distilleries here, but the companies that own them).

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll